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Stories featured on our Instagram page

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Young people working on an art project

Young Adult Carers

We've got LOADS of new pages and information for Young Adult Carers in Surrey. Find out how we can help you plan for a bright future.

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Say YES to Q.24 in the census

This year's Census will ask if you are a carer. It's vital all carers say yes to this question to ensure the right support and services are provided.

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the House of Commons

Response to the budget

“We join national carers charities Carers Trust and Carers UK in expressing our disappointment with this year’s budget.”

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Selfie of two girls

Millie's blog

As the third lockdown rolls around in the UK I find myself caught up with social media and my image a lot, whether this is how I present myself physically or mentally. With lockdown being nearly now over a year, on and off throughout, I feel like a lot of people have lost themselves in the craziness of this world currently. My friends have often text me just to talk or get their mind off the news; school stress is at an all-time high right now as I will be doing my mock gcse’s when I go back to school.

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Join the #FairerForCarers campaign

We’re joining Carers UK in their call for Government to urgently address the financial hardship that many unpaid carers face due to their caring responsibilities, in the run up to Budget 2021 on 3rd March.

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New guidance on PPE for carers

The government has updated its guidance on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for people caring for a relative, or friend, who lives in a different house.

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GP explains how you will be invited for vaccination

A Surrey doctor explains how you will be contacted for your vaccine and how to spot scams.

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Read Oscar's story

With help from Surrey Young Carers, Oscar overcame financial difficulties and is now developing a very special talent...

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Free flu vaccinations for Surrey's carers

Flu season will be upon us soon, and we are encouraging all Surrey's carers to get their free flu jab. Find out how to get a flu jab Voucher, and where to use it, below.

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woman in headscarf looking out of window

Anticpatory Grief

Grief is expected when someone dies, but we can also feel that loss before the death of a loved one. Join us at this online event to get support and talk about this difficult situation, with the help of bereavement specialist.

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Book bundles for young carers

University of Surrey's wonderful Widening Participation and Outreach program have a scheme offering children in need, including young carers, ‘Book Bundles’ to help them access literature and continue reading while not in school

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Reem's story

Reem cares for her son, who has autism and now lives in supported living. She finds creativity and positivity helpful as a carer.

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Boy with lego head

Mental health tips for young carers

We've got some mental health tips especially for young people with a caring role. Have a look at some of the links and advice to help you manage how you're feeling during the lockdown.

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Sign saying COVID-19 Testing Centre

Unpaid carers added to 'essential worker' list

Unapaid carers have been added to the list of 'essential workers' making them eligible for COVID-19 testing.

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Register with us

Register with us to get support, advice and information to help you in your caring role.

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