Financial help

Financial help

Find out about the financial support that is available to you.

We can advise you about grants

Money that is available from other organisations changes very frequently. We can make applications for you if possible.  Here are a few examples:

Early Intervention Payment – up to age 24

If your family is NOT receiving any help from Social Care, up to £300 might be available to give you a break from caring. The application must be for something specific that will maintain your own health and wellbeing – including learning or training.

For example, you might want music lessons or a sports club membership. Money can be paid directly to the organisation providing it. This grant is available only once.

Carer Support Payments for travel – ages 14 to 24

Help with travel costs can be up to £50 a month, so you can be more independent. You can apply for things like visiting friends, getting to a sports centre, job interviews, volunteering or work experience.

Carers Trust grants

This national charity awards grants to help you in your caring role.  This could be home essentials, like a clothes dryer or bed. There are sometimes grants for learning that can be used for an evening course to help you into employment.

Carers Trust gave me £300 so I could travel to visit my brother in a psychiatric hospital in Bristol.

Action for Carers is able to make a limited number of applications every month.  The form requires details of your family income and expenditure so that money is given to those who really need it.  If you live with your parents, you’ll need them to provide details.

My tumble dryer is here, set up and drying bed linen. I’m so appreciative of your help

Grants from other organisations

Our team can help too

Sometimes we have funds to help with education and employment. Do you need…

  • IT equipment or software for a college course?
  • College revision books?
  • Clothes for job interviews?
  • Anything to help with your job hunting?

Thank you very much for this grant of £200, this has really made me happy as I could buy textbooks for college and some uniform for myself and my siblings.

Emergency situations

Foodbanks – these are run by local charities.  You’ll need either a voucher or a referral to use them. This national charity has several locations in Surrey. If you don’t find a local one, contact the 18-24 team for others, for example, in Cranleigh, Godalming and Guildford.  Some towns also have charities that supply home cooked meals.
Find a foodbank

Surrey Crisis Fund – every borough in Surrey has funds you can apply for in an absolute emergency.  You can only apply for specific things, like food, toiletries, emergency travel costs and essential clothes if you have nowhere else to turn.
Visit Surrey Crisis Fund

Carers Allowance

Working will always be better than benefits.  Carers Allowance is £67.25 /week.  For 35 hours caring, that’s only £1.92/hour.

You can apply for Carer’s allowance if:

  • Your caring activity takes at least 35 hours a week – and you are NOT in full time education. This is defined as 21 hours or more of supervised study a week.  Every college admissions office can tell you the exact number of hours for each course.
  • The person you care for receives Personal Independence Payment (PIP) daily living component OR Disability Living Allowance with the middle or highest care rate, OR Attendance Allowance OR Constant Attendance Allowance with War Pension or Industrial Injuries OR Armed Forces Independence Payment.

You are permitted to earn up to £128/week alongside receiving Carers Allowance.  If you can manage to work (just a little bit) as well as receiving Carer’s Allowance, it will be helpful for your future.  Don’t forget to cancel Carers Allowance when you earn more, or you will have to pay it back from when your wages went up.

There’s no restriction on doing volunteer work.  This is a great way to meet people, keep some interests outside of home and improve your job prospects, even if you can only manage a couple of hours a week.

Apply for Carers Allowance

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