Videos to help you move the person you care for safely

Videos to help you move the person you care for safely

As a carer, you may have to help the person you care for move, for example, up from bed, or a chair, or into a car. Our Moving & Handling team can advise and train you, just get in touch. Here are videos of some of the simple manoevres.

Moving & Handling

It’s important that you can help the person you care for move safely. It’s important that you don’t damage your body (your back especially), or theirs.

Our Moving & Handling team can show you the right, safe, manoeuvres, for common moves like getting in or out of bed, in or out of a chair, and in or out of a car. Some require simple equipment, some don’t.

Find out more about the Moving & Handling service here – including how to get in touch.

Moving & Handling

We have many videos explaining the techniques, which the team can share with you. Below you’ll find videos of six simple moves:

If you have previously had a home visit from one of our Moving and Handling advisors, we have more videos that can potentially be shared with you if you’ve already had a face-to-face demonstration of the techniques. (This is to ensure you fully understand the manoevres, to avoid any risk to you or the person you care for.) Please get in touch to find out more.

These videos are for carers only, and may only be shared by professionals or care workers with the prior permission of Action for Carers. All videos are © Action for Carers (Surrey).

How to effectively help someone stand up

Bed transfers, using verbal prompts


Lying to sitting using a rope ladder

Moving forward in a chair independenly

Sit to stand from a height adjustable bed

Sit to stand from the bed with the assistance of one person

Get in touch

Please give us a call on 0303 040 1234 to find out about the Moving & Handling service, and how to get the team to visit you at home.

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