February in lockdown

February in lockdown

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February in lockdown…

As the third lockdown rolls around in the UK I find myself caught up with social media and my image a lot, whether this is how I present myself physically or mentally. With lockdown being nearly now over a year, on and off throughout, I feel like a lot of people have lost themselves in the craziness of this world currently. My friends have often text me just to talk or get their mind off the news; school stress is at an all-time high right now as I will be doing my mock gcse’s when I go back to school.

Lockdown life

Being in lockdown whilst preparing for some of the most important tests in my life so far has really made me appreciate the help I had offered to me on a daily. I find that revising or just doing my daily schoolwork is becoming something I’m finding myself trying to avoid, on purpose or not. Throughout the first lockdown, even till now, I have felt some sort of stress to study whilst surrounded by a different environment. Being a young carer has really had an effect with my work and how quickly I can get it done and ready for the deadlines. Having this role at home and having to juggle my schoolwork  has been a struggle on some days  but I feel as if I will have mastered it by the end of this lockdown (hopefully!).

One thing that has really helped me stay motivated within my daily life has been a few Kpop bands, thanks to my big sister I got into the genre of music and found a group who sent out a message that I really feel that many people could possibly need to hear. Me and Beth (my big sister) are both fans of BTS, which helped us get closer with each other and appreciate our company. BTS have the message of ‘Love Yourself’, they also have a campaign with UNICEF under this title and have spoken at the United Nations twice. This message has really helped millions of people across the globe feel comfortable or loved, it has also helped me build up my self love within quarantine.


I feel like music can help a person through a lot these days, whether its rock or rap, and can help you feel motivated. Music has helped me and my friends communicate our feelings or study with each other, it is a thing with many uses. I suggest trying to find a band or artist this lockdown that can help you or just simply make you happy! Music is a passion of mine and I find it comforting to surround myself within a world of lyrics and melodies once in a while to escape the pressures of being a young carer. It is a healthy escape for me. As I am writing this I am listening to a band called Seventeen that I found recently that have songs that motivate me to be myself and send a reassuring message.

So for this year try to relax as much as possible, set some goals or try to surround yourself with the things you love and portray yourself in the way you want to, whether this is listening to the music you love or finding your true style!

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