Referring people to Action for Carers

Referring people to Action for Carers

Professionals may wish to refer their clients directly to Action for Carers Surrey. The forms are below. Please note, health care professionals in Surrey are encouraged to use the Carer's Prescription.

You may wish to refer a patient or client to Action for Carers Surrey.

Links to referral forms for adult carers and young carers are below.

Please note, if you are a health care professional, working in Surrey, you should use the Carer’s Prescription, but for direct referral, you can also use the forms below.

And we are more than happy for carers to refer themselves. Adult carers can do that through our register with Action for Carers form. Young carers, and their parents/guardians should give us a ring on 01483 568269 or email, but parents/guardians can also use the form given below.

To refer an adult carer

Please use this form: Professionals form to refer an adult carer.

To refer a young carer (under 18)

Please use this form: Young carer referral form

To refer to Moving and Handling services

Please use this form: Moving and Handling professionals referral form. Services are provided by Action for Carers and Whitelodge.