Getting free PPE as an unpaid family carer in Surrey

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Free PPE for carers at different addresses

Do you live apart from the person you care for and need PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes things like gloves, aprons, face masks and eye protection that help to reduce the spread
of coronavirus. If you:

  • support (unpaid) someone who cannot manage without you, and
  • live in a different household to the person you care for

you can get free PPE to help keep you and them safe, and reduce the spread of coronavirus.

If you are a carer who lives in the same household as the person you care for and are concerned about coronavirus being spread
you may also be able to get free PPE.

Please get in touch—call 0303 040 1234, CarersInfoCentre@ to find out more and make a request. We are one of the Surrey groups who can support you as a carer to get PPE, via SCC. 

Goverment guidance, issued earlier this year, says if your loved one lives in a different home, you should wear PPE – and the type recommended depends on the level of care you give. The full guidance is here.

Government PPE Guidance for Carers

If you live in the same house as the person you care for, you’re NOT recommended to wear PPE, unless a healthcare professional (such as a GP or nurse) advises you to.

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