Supporting carers at Frimley Park Hospital

Supporting carers at Frimley Park Hospital

How we can help and support carers whose loved one is in Frimley Park Hospital.

Helping the carer too

When the person you look after is in hospital, it’s important that you as the carer also feel supported.

Action for Carers Surrey supports Surrey’s carers of all ages. Frimley Park Hospital is part of the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust which are investing in training their staff and volunteers to be carer-aware, so they can better support carers through the hospital processes.

Action for Carers are supporting Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust with this, by providing bespoke Carer Awareness Training to empower staff and volunteers to identify unpaid carers, and help support their needs, whilst navigating the complexities of hospital admissions, inpatient stays and discharge processes and referring them to us for ongoing support.

After discharge, you can access further support from Action for Carers, for when you’re back home. For example, support from one of our Advisors working in the community, or our Moving and Handling team if you need to give more physical help to the person you care for, following their hospital stay.

How to get support

Get in touch with our Carer Helpline. It’s open 9 am-5 pm on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and open 9 am-6 pm on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

  • Call us on 0303 040 1234
  • Text us on (SMS) 07723 486730
  • Email us

More information about the support for carers at Frimley Park

The ‘Carer’s Pass’ scheme allows ‘open visiting’, ie outside normal hours. During the pandemic, the situation will vary, but the hospital recognises the role of carers:

‘A carer can accompany you if you are unable to be alone.’

But if you’re concerned you need something to show that the person you’re looking after needs you with them, we can let you have a letter ‘Someone Depends on Me’ confirming your role as a carer.  It’s easy (and free) to register with  us here – and we can help you in other ways too.

Frimley Park Hospital serves patients from Surrey and beyond. If you are a carer living in Surrey, Action for Carers can help you. Carers living outside Surrey can find out about other local carer support organisations in their area here.

Find out more about Frimley Park Hospital’s support for carers on the hospital’s website here. And the hospital’s chaplains are keen to help carers (of any religion or none) as part of their support for patients, families and staff: see how to contact them here.

Where to take a break at Frimley Park

Café Glade Main entrance, ground floor

Pinetrees Restaurant, First floor

RVS shop Main entrance, ground floor

Vending facilities throughout the hospital.

Cash machine near Cafe Glade.


Find all the details on the hospital’s website  website.

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