Carer stories

Every carer's situation is unique but there are lots of common themes, things that many experience because of their caring role. Some of the carers we've supported have kindly shared their story with us... If you'd like to do the same, please email your story to [email protected] with a photo. Thank you!

Trevors wife and son

Read Trevor's story

Trevor has cared for his wife Linda for over 20 years. He shares some of their wonderful life together, and what caring has been like for him. 

Read Amanda's story

Amanda is in her 60s and lives in Surrey. She was formerly, and for a long time, carer for her husband.

Read Elliot's story

Elliot cares for his brother who has autism and talks about how that experience affected his upbringing and who he is now.

Read Al's story

Surrey carer Al reflects on caring for his wife, J, who developed Alzheimer's, including tips for other carers, as well as facing the difficult situation of moving to a care home.

Read Anthony's story

Young carer Antony looks after his older brother who is Autistic. He gets a lot from being part of Surrey Young Carers, and from his caring role.

pouring coffee

Read Ashu's story

Ashu has been a carer for most of her life. She's now a volunteer for Action for Carers, enjoying supporting others, learning new things, and regaining confidence.

Read Marta's story

Young carer Marta, who’s 13, looks after her older sister who has autism and has also had poor mental health.

Carer Rose and son

Read Rose's story

Rose talks about her experience looking after her son, now in his 30s, who has learning difficulties and autism. She describes the challenges of the role, including her concerns as she and her husband grow older, about her son's future.

young woman smiling

Read Lauren's story

Lauren has really struggled to find a balance between caring and studying. Reaching out for help and finding someone she could trust has helped her to turn her situation around and she's doing so well now!

young woman opening door

Read Charlotte's story

Charlotte lives in Guildford and looks after her mum and brother. As she moved into adulthood she knew she needed her own space to improve family relationships and keep her caring role on track.


Read Oscar's story

Oscar, now in his 20s, has cared for his mum for as long as he can remember. Creativity through gaming is a huge part of his life. Surrey Young Carers (part of Action for Carers) have supported him to help him achieve his goals.


Read Sriya's story

Sriya looks after her elderly grandparents. She found it hard to manage all the extra responsibilities, but is doing well, and says that being a carer is very much part of who she is.

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