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A round up of the local - and national - news affecting carers

Census 2021 to ask more about caring

The Census which takes place in March has expanded the carer question, to provide more useful information on the amount of caring carers do.

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Safe ways to pay others to shop on your behalf

As we are now in lockdown again, you may be unwilling or unadvised to go to the shops. You may be happy shopping on line, but you may also look to get help from a family member, neighbour, friend or other volunteer. If you do, it's important to know the ways to keep your money safe and protected.

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Carers added to COVID vaccination priority list

We join Carers UK, Carers Trust and other carer organisations in welcoming the inclusion of unpaid carers in new COVID vaccination advice from the government's Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation published on 30th December. 

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Carers save the UK £530 per day

To mark Carers Rights Day 2020, Carers UK released new research which estimates that the care provided to date during the COVID-19 pandemic by unpaid carers is a staggering £135 billion; meaning each day during the pandemic, unpaid carers are saving the UK state £530 million in the care they provide.

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Know your rights - Carers' Rights Day 2020

Carers have rights, do you know yours? This Carers' Rights Day, we want to empower carers with information and support, so they can feel confident asking for what they need.

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Get symptoms checked - don't delay

Carers already put their own health needs last - and the NHS is concerned that all of us are failing to see our GP just now because of the pandemic. A new campaign has been launched to encourage you to make that GP appointment. Don't put it off.

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