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A round up of the local - and national - news affecting carers

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SCC Staying Independent Information

Adult Social Care has updated its “Staying Independent” webpages, including a big update to the Equipment and Technology information, with different ideas and suggestions on how smart technology and equipment can help improve independence at home for you and the person you care for.

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New videos for carers of people with Learning Disabilities

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust have a set of videos to support people with Learning Difficulties, and their carers - with content particularly focused on concerns people may have because of COVID. 

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New Lib Dem Leader Acknowledges Carers' Role

A carer himself, for his mother and now his son, new Liberal Democrat Leader Sir Ed Davey has acknowledged the role and needs of the UK's carers, speaking at the party conference.

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How new COVID guidance affects carers

Limits on the number of people you can see socially have changed, limiting meetings indoors or out, to no more than six people. However, there are exemptions, including for caring situations and for charities,

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Failure to adequately support young adult carers costs UK £1bn

Research into the lives of 7,000 young adult carers has demostreated that they are not being adequately supported nationally, costing the UK £1bn per annum. This comes from lost tax revenue, welfare benefits and health service costs.

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Carer needed for Carers Commissioning Partnership

The Carers Commissioning Partnership is a group which looks at how services can be commissioned to improve the lives of Surrey’s carers. Made up of commissioners, health and social care professionals and voluntary group representatives, they are seeking a carer to be a co-chair of the group. Could you be that person?

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