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A round up of the local - and national - news affecting carers

Hospital staff moving patient on a trolley in a corridor

Martha's Law - new right for carers in hospitals

A new policy is being rolled out from April in hospitals, giving carers (and those they care for) new rights if they are worried that the person they care for's condition is deteriorating.

Adult carers

Carer's Leave Act starts soon

The new Carer's Leave Act which will help carers in England, Scotland and Wales, is due to come into force on 6th April 2024.

Adult carers
Young carers meet MPs at launch of new Young Carers Covenant in Westminster

Young Carers Covenant

Carers Trust launches Young Carers Covenant - a national scheme to encourage everyone to do all they can to support young carers

Young adult carers
24 percent of those in receipt of carers allowance live in poverty

Carer Poverty Coalition Manifesto

Ahead of an upcoming General Election, carer organisations join together to call on all parties to end poverty among unpaid carers

Adult carers

Young Carers Action Day 2024 - success!

Thanks to all those who helped make Young Carers Action Day in Surrey a HUGE success - improving the understanding of professionals as well as reaching out to many more carers.

Helpline worker supporting Surrey's unpaid carers on phone

Celebrating National Helpline Day

A big thank you to our Helpline team on National Helpline Day. Please call them if you need support!

Adult carers
Share your views - National Carers Strategy

National Carers Strategy - share your views

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Carers want to develop a new National Carers Strategy to better recognise unpaid carers and improve support to them. Find out more and share YOUR important views.

Adult carers

Young Carers Action Day - how you can help

Young Carers Action Day takes place on Wednesday 13th March. We are all calling for 'Fair Futures' for young carers, and for schools, colleges, health and social care professionals and employers to do more. One way you can help is by putting up one of our posters.

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