Hear from Young Adult Carers

Hear from Young Adult Carers

Hear from other young adult carers about balancing caring with independence.

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We’ve got lots of specialist information available which can make a huge difference to your caring experience.

The Action for Carers podcast from Young Adult Carers

The podcast is produced by our young adult carer Helena Traill.

Episode 1 – Emily

young woman in cap and gown holding degree certificate

Listen below to Emily’s full podcast. Emily left school without any GCSEs.  Find out more about her journey to a nursing degree…



Episode 2 – Jay

Young man looking at the camera

Listen to Jay’s podcast about juggling working, studying and caring while at college and beyond…

Episode 3 – Sarah

Young woman in ambulance uniform smiling at the camera

Sarah found a way to learn while working with the ambulance service. She loves her job as an Emergency Care Support Worker.

Young Adult Carer Experiences

Hear from young adult carers about how they have found solutions to their problems...

Young man wearing glasses outside

Josh's story

Josh is 20 and lives in Guildford with his mum and younger brother. He looks after his mum who has had several bouts of cancer including cancer of the bones.


Sriya's story

Sriya looks after her elderly grandparents. She found it hard to manage all the extra responsibilities, but is doing well, and says that being a carer is very much part of who she is.

Young woman

Rhianna's story

Rhianna has looked after her mum from a very young age. Although she found some aspects of school tough, she believes being a carer can be a positive thing.

young woman opening door

Charlotte's story

Charlotte lives in Guildford and looks after her mum and brother. As she moved into adulthood she knew she needed her own space to improve family relationships and keep her caring role on track.


Oscar's story

Oscar, now in his 20s, has cared for his mum for as long as he can remember. Creativity through gaming is a huge part of his life. Surrey Young Carers (part of Action for Carers) have supported him to help him achieve his goals.

young woman smiling

Lauren's story

Lauren has really struggled to find a balance between caring and studying. Reaching out for help and finding someone she could trust has helped her to turn her situation around and she's doing so well now!

Young woman sitting down

Bethany's story

Bethany looks after her mum. Although she has found it hard to relax, she believes meeting up with other carers has helped her face the challenges caring can sometimes throw at you.

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