Supporting carers at East Surrey Hospital

Supporting carers at East Surrey Hospital

How we can help and support Surrey carers whose loved one is attending East Surrey Hospital

Helping the carer too

When the person you look after is in hospital, it’s important that you as the carer also feel supported.

Action for Carers Surrey supports Surrey’s carers of all ages. We have staff in the main Surrey hospitals, including East Surrey to help you whether your loved one is staying in hospital, or coming in for appointments. Find out more about our Hospital Carer Advisors here.

The Hospital Carer Advisor at East Surrey Hospital is Katie Davey.

Katie supports carers at East Surrey Hospital in a number of ways, she:

  • works closely with hospital staff to identify carers and will also approach carers directly
  • can help bridge any communication gaps between you as the carer, and the hospital
  • can provide you with advice and information, as well as emotional support
  • can speak on your behalf in order for your wishes to be expressed
  • can signpost you, and your loved one, to further support from other organisations

And after discharge, Katie can arrange further support from Action for Carers, for when you’re back home. For example, support from one of our Advisors working in the community, or our Moving and Handling team if you need to give more physical help to the person you care for, following their hospital stay.

All about Katie

Katie was a young carer to her sibling who had cerebral palsy and complex medical needs, she also cared for her Nan during her battle with cancer and she also supports her son who has additional needs.

A hospital admission for a friend or family member is often the catalyst to becoming an unpaid carer. By providing advocacy, support and guidance to unpaid carers whilst their friend or relative is in hospital, Katie aims is to ensure they do not feel alone and will provide the help and support they require to proactively support the person they care for whilst in hospital and upon discharge.

How to get support

Please email Katie at [email protected] and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can reach Katie by phone Monday to Friday on 07989 402663.

More information about the support for carers at East Surrey Hospital

Carer Passport for family members

The hospital has a system to allow carers to support their relative and Katie can help you with this. The hospital says:

The Carers Passport helps identify friends and family of ill or disabled patients, who are the main, unpaid carer for their loved one. It allows hospital staff to recognise unpaid carers and allows them to continue their service during the patient’s stay in hospital.

The benefits include

  • Accessing the Three Archers restaurant for takeaway food (only food made on-site).
  • Discounted multi-exit car parking.
  • Refreshments during ward round drinks.
  • Out of hours visiting, where appropriate.
  • Assisting with personal care of your cared for.

The Carers Passports are issued by the lead nurse in charge of the ward your cared for is admitted too. The nurse in charge will be responsible for ensuring that it is safe for you to assist with personal care whilst your cared for is an inpatient at the hospital. To obtain a carers passport please speak to the ward nurses.

But if you’re concerned you need something to show that the person you’re looking after needs you with them, we can let you have a letter ‘Someone Depends on Me’ confirming your role as a carer.  It’s easy (and free) to register with  us here – and we can help you in other ways too.

Find out more about the East Surrey Hospital’s support for carers on the hospital’s website here.

East Surrey Hospital serves patients from Surrey and Sussex. If you are a carer living in Surrey, Katie can help you. For carers living in West Sussex, go to Carers Support West Sussex.

Where to take a break at East Surrey Hospital

  • Three Arches Restaurant First floor, orange zone
  • W H Smith with M&S Food to Go Ground floor, main entrance

More on the Hospital

Find all the details on the hospital’s website here.

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