Find out about the consultations on issues affecting carers that are running in Surrey and nationally. Some we run, however many are from external organisations but we think they're relevant to you!

Consultations – your chance to have your say!

Consultations are your opportunity to have a voice on local and national issues affecting carers, or of interest to carers.  If consultations are currently taking place you can follow the links to take part, many of these are run by other organisations but we think they are relevant to Surrey’s carers.

Don’t forget you can find ALL of Surrey County Council’s current consultations, on ALL topics, here.

And you can share your experience of health and social care services with Healthwatch Surrey here.

Your view really does matter and together we can affect what support looks like for carers now and in the future.

Consultations in Surrey

Below are some of the consultations currently running in Surrey, some are from us but many are from external organisations consulting on issues affecting carers - add your voice!


Hospital Discharge Survey - carers' views and experiences

A big worry for carers this past year has been supporting their loved one while they were in hospital – and when they were discharged from hospital too. Some Surrey carers have reported not being consulted with, or properly informed, when the person they cared for was being discharged. Surrey NHS hospitals and Surrey County Council are aware of these challenges and are looking to improve the hospital discharge processes, and want to hear from carers in Surrey. So, Action for Carers, working with Healthwatch Surrey, want to find out about YOUR experiences of hospital discharge since last summer. What’s worked, what were the problems, what could be done differently? The information will then be passed on to the NHS and SCC to help them plan for better future care.

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Carers Contingency Planning Service

The NHS has a commitment in its long term plan that: ‘Carers should not have to deal with emergencies on their own. We will ensure more carers understand the out-of-hours options that are available to them and have appropriate back up support in place for when need it’. Therefore health and social care in Surrey are developing a new ‘Carer Contingency Planning Service’ which will offer carers support in creating a plan for use in case of emergencies. While we hope they are never needed, having a plan for back-up support in place when you might need it is important. Adam Watkins, Senior Joint Carers Lead (Carer Contingency Planning) at Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System, is leading the development of this service and seeks carers to feed in to ensure it reflects what carers need. To get involved, or find out more, please email Adam – email


Digital Attitudes Survey

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust would like to hear the views of people in Surrey on the use of digital technology in healthcare. The survey results will enable the trust to design and shape new services.


Workshops to develop the new Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment Strategy

Surrey County Council is engaging with different groups to develop the new Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment Strategy and want the views of people with a physical disability and/or sensory impairment. Workshops from March till May will look at: what kind of care and support is needed? Where are the gaps in provision? And how best to plan for future needs. Dates are: • For people with a sight impairment: Thursday 22nd April at 10.30am • For people with a long-term neurological condition: Tuesday 11th May at 10.30am. • Final workshop, end of May, date to be confirmed. To join, or share your views, please contact Yasmin.broome@surreycoalition or you can send your views to


Design of the new Abraham Cowley Unit

Consultation Event: Thursday 8 April, 10am-12pm. The Abraham Cowley Unit, a specialist mental health unit based at St Peter’s, is being redesigned. Getting the designs right is fundamental to ensuring that the new hospital transforms the experience of people who use the services, carers, families, and staff. At the next event to share views (called the ‘Lived Experience Group’) the architects, IBI, will use a virtual 3D model to do a ‘walk through’ the building, to get a sense of size and space, and how the building will work. The group will look particularly closely at arriving, eating, and sleeping at the unit, and the experience of visiting families and carers. If you are a family member or carer who’s used the Unit’s services in the past, please come along and share your ideas.


Woking Borough Council - new Residents' Panel

Woking Borough Council are seeking 1,000 residents of the borough (18+) to join their new Residents' Panel. Consulted several times a year, they'll be invited to share their views on a variety of issues, projects and services that the Council provides, and help shape the Council's vision for the future. They seek a diverse range of people, and no experience or prior knowledge is required. More info on the image link; or you can email CLOSES 31 MARCH.


Carer Record – views for public information video

The Surrey Care Record allows Surrey authorised health and social care professionals share data about patients - hopefully providing better joined up care. Surrey Heartlands and Healthwatch Surrey want your help to create communications, including a video, to explain the Surrey Care Record. Can you help?

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Mental Health Support during COVID

Surrey's Independent Mental Health Network are carrying out a short survey regarding mental health crisis support during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Please click to complete the survey.


Transitioning from Children's Mental Health Services

The SCC User Voice and Participation team are working with emotional wellbeing and mental health services to gain an understanding of what it feels like for a young person transitioning out of the services they access. This transition could be out of children’s emotional wellbeing and mental health services completely or into another service. This short survey will help The User Voice and Participation Team to know what transition currently feels like for young people. We will also feed this information back to the appropriate services to ensure your voice is heard and hopefully bring about positive change to improve transition for other young people in Surrey. CLOSES 30 SEPTEMBER

Consultations running nationally

There are also consultations and opportunities that are national, on issues affecting carers...


Long COVID Taskforce

COVID-19 can cause symptoms that last for weeks or months, this is known as Long COVID syndrome. The symptoms are wide-ranging and fluctuating. COVID seems to have had a particularly strong impact on older people, ethnic minorities, men and people with learning disabilities. The NHS wishes to boost support for people with Long COVID, and has set up a ‘taskforce’. They are looking for people – including carers – to share their perspective and experience, seeking 9 people (nationally) to participate in a patient and public advisory group. APPLICATIONS CLOSE 30 APRIL.


RBLI Armed Forces Carers Survey

Are you an unpaid carer in the Armed Forces community? The RBLI have a new survey to find out how they can make your experiences better. Your answers will help shape their policy and campaigning work, and improve the support you receive. CLOSES 5 APRIL.


Black carers' experiences of forced detention under the Mental Health Act

A study at UCL exploring the perspectives of Black carers who have experienced their loved one being compulsorily detained under the Mental Health Act (sometimes referred to as 'being sectioned') - reflecting also on the fact that Black people seem to be disproportionately detained. Research involves a confidential interview and two short questionnaires, with a £20 voucher for participation. Details on the attached poster (click image)

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Mental Health Act

The government has published a White Paper on the major changes it is planning for the Mental Health Act. There's a new emphasis on choice and rights; a view to ending the need for coercion; and a focus on treating patients as individuals. More here (PLEASE CUT AND PASTE THESE LINKS TO VISIT THESE ADDITIONAL PAGES) and here from Rethink If you have had experience of the Act, you're asked to share your views.

Further opportunities for carers

Here you’ll find details of more opportunities to add your voice to carer related issues.


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