Find out about the consultations on issues affecting carers that are running in Surrey and nationally. Some we run, however many are from external organisations but we think they're relevant to you!

Consultations – your chance to have your say!

Consultations are your opportunity to have a voice on local and national issues affecting carers, or of interest to carers.  If consultations are currently taking place you can follow the links to take part, many of these are run by other organisations but we think they are relevant to Surrey’s carers.

Don’t forget you can find ALL of Surrey County Council’s current consultations, on ALL topics, here.

And you can share your experience of health and social care services with Healthwatch Surrey here.

Your view really does matter and together we can affect what support looks like for carers now and in the future.

Consultations in Surrey

Below are some of the consultations currently running in Surrey, some are from us but many are from external organisations consulting on issues affecting carers – add your voice!

Dementia carers sought

Do you care for someone with Dementia? Would you be interested in helping to shape the development of the NHS’s new role ‘Dementia Care Coordinator’? The role is being evaluated by the University of Surrey, who wish to find carers to be part of a group to assist, by sharing their experience and views. Participation will include attending four (online) meetings across the two year project, commenting on documents, inputting into evaluations of study findings and advising on other aspects of the project, such as engagement with people with dementia. You will be part of a small group of individuals (four max) who share common experiences with you. There is payment for participation, if you are chosen to take part. More on link, for more info please contact Dr Ruth Abrams, project lead, University of Surrey: [email protected]

Surrey's new mental health hospitals programme

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is replacing the old Abraham Cowley Unit in Chertsey with a new inpatient facility and will later build a new hospital in the east of the county. Surrey Coalition of Disabled People is asking people who have used the trust’s mental health services, or who care for someone who has, to share their views. They would like to understand what people would like from the new hospital to make them as beneficial as possible if people should ever need to use one. CLOSES 30 June.

Shaping Surrey’s pharmacy services

Surrey publishes a ‘Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment’ (PNA) document every few years (a legal requirement). This looks at people’s health needs in Surrey, level and accessibility of pharmacy services, and how there should be both maintained and developed. Essentially making sure the pharmacy services in Surrey meet the needs of the population. (CLOSES 12 JULY)


Carers' Mental Health: Green Social Prescribing

Green Social Prescribing means giving people access to organised activities, outside in nature, in order to improve their mental and physical health. Surrey is trialing this, and one of the focuses is carers’ mental health – this survey will help them plan this new support, and asks what factors infuence YOUR health.


Digital Attitudes Survey

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust would like to hear the views of people in Surrey on the use of digital technology in healthcare. The survey results will enable the trust to design and shape new services.


Help improve the NHS 111 service for deaf and hard of hearing people

HELP IMPROVE THE ACCESSIBILITY OF NHS 111! The RNIC is working with NHSEI to explore how the NHS 111 service could be made better for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. RNID is supporting NHSEI to recruit volunteers to provide their feedback over an interactive online platform, where volunteers can discuss their needs and share their ideas for service improvements, including a project looking into SMS as a way to contact NHS 111.

Consultations running nationally

There are also consultations and opportunities that are national, on issues affecting carers...

Stroke carers aged 16-18

Are you 16, 17 or 18-years old, and caring for someone who has had a Stroke? A Nottingham University Study would like to speak with you to hear about your experiences and how the situation is affecting your future plans. CLOSES END AUGUST.

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Liberty Protection Standards

The government is updating the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice and is considering a new system of safeguards, called the Liberty Protection Safeguards. This new system will replace the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and the government wants to know what people think.

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Pandemic’s impact on young adult carers

A psychology student at the University of Greenwich is conducting a study on understanding and exploring how the COVID 19 pandemic affected the lives of young adult carers – how it affected in particular their mental health and responsibilities. The study is anonymous. Participation information here.

Stroke Carers Study - Southampton University

The aim of this study is to explore the experience carers face with taking over a relative’s multiple long-term health conditions post-stroke. They're seeking adult caregivers of family members who have had a stroke and another long-term condition. This study will consist of individual interviews, online using videoconference (e.g., Microsoft Teams). Each interview would not take longer than an hour. Email Anna Major [email protected] CLOSES 30th APRIL.

Affect of caring for someone with a neurodegenerative disease

Are you a carer for a person with a neurodegenerative disease? DCU School of Psychology is running a study to examine the psychological well-being and post-traumatic growth of family caregivers of people with neurodegenerative diseases. They would appreciate it if you could get involved.

Mouth and Teeth Care for People Living with Dementia

This study from the University of Portsmouth wants to talk to carers of people with Dementia, about any support they have had from professional care workers, who come to the home, for the person with Dementia's mouth and teeth care. They would like to invite family carers of people living with dementia, who use home care services, for a brief online interview (20mins) to find out their views on this topic. There is a £20 voucher offered to all participating carers as a thank you. CLOSES JULY 2022.


Dementia Study Seeks Urdu-Speakers and Carers

A PhD student at the University of Manchester wishes to involve Urdu speaking British South Asians living with dementia, and their carers, in dementia research. Participants, as a group will be asked their opinion on selected and culturally adapted therapy, by commenting on topic guides and finding. Participants will be reimbursed for their time and paid £25 per hour. Participants need to be: Living with mild dementia, British South Asian, speak English and/or Urdu, have been diagnosed in the last 18 months. Contact: [email protected] or phone 0161 275 1821.

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Former Carers Study

Researchers at Liverpool University’s Psychology Department are exploring the experiences of bereaved carers, who have lost the person they cared for during the COVID-19 period. This research will help to gain insight from the carer’s perspective and contribute to improving support for other bereaved carers in the future. They are seeking people to share their experiences, confidentially, in a short interview over Zoom/Microsoft Teams.

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UK Veterans Family Study

A new research projects wants to interview people to understand what supports have best helped your wellbeing after your family left the military. It’s an hour long, confidential phone interview with a researcher. And you can choose to be entered into a prize draw for a £50 gift card. Contact researchers to find out more on [email protected] Project runs well into 2022.

International opportunities

None currently.


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