Find out about the consultations on issues affecting carers that are running in Surrey and nationally. Some we run, however many are from external organisations but we think they're relevant to you!

Consultations – your chance to have your say!

Consultations are your opportunity to have a voice on local and national issues affecting carers, or of interest to carers.  If consultations are currently taking place you can follow the links to take part, many of these are run by other organisations but we think they are relevant to Surrey’s carers.

Don’t forget you can find ALL of Surrey County Council’s current consultations, on ALL topics, here.

And you can share your experience of health and social care services with Healthwatch Surrey here.

Your view really does matter and together we can affect what support looks like for carers now and in the future.

Consultations in Surrey

Below are some of the consultations currently running in Surrey, some are from us but many are from external organisations consulting on issues affecting carers - add your voice!

Focus group chat

Carers sought for focus groups to feed in to SCC's Adult Social Care services planning

Surrey County Council are starting work on co-producing their plans for next years’ budget. They have asked an external agency (‘Lake’) to support some focus groups (phase 1) and to undertake some targeted survey work (phase 2). This is instead of an online survey which has been carried out in the past. For the focus groups, they are recruiting (around) 30 people who make use of Adult Social Care services and carers of people who use Adult Social Care services to be involved. The agency will be giving each participant a voucher for their involvement. The potential dates of the two focus groups are 18th September 10am – 12pm and 21st September 6pm – 8pm and they will be held on zoom with a freephone dial in option. If you are interested in being part of the focus groups then please contact Rachel Brennan on 07989 830402 or email [email protected] Please could you include name, contact details, contact preferences/needs re any communication support. PLEASE NOTE LINK IS ONLY BACK TO US - please email [email protected] for more info.

Boy on sofa

Help shape new community mental health services

Service users and carers are invited to have their say on changes to mental health services in Surrey which will give them easy access to specialist care in their GP's surgery for the first time. In a 3-year pilot project, the NHS in Surrey and North East Hampshire are running a pilot approach to providing mental health services, which will also enable people to get their mental health, physical health and social care needs all met at their GP’s surgery. The new system should be better integrated and stop people falling between the gaps. Do you want a say in shaping these new services so they’re best designed to help patients and carers? Come to our new monthly groups. To take part, email [email protected]

rear view of children looking out of window

SCC Consultation – young carers in Surrey

Surrey County Council would like to chat one-to-one with young carers (along with an adult in their life) to hear about what their life is like – what they find challenging, what they find helps and what their hopes and dreams are for the future. This will help SCC write a new strategy so that they can make sure services that help young carers will continue to help young people in the future. The chats will be on a video call and will be for about 45 minutes. You will receive £7 of Amazon vouchers as a thank you! If you are interested and are available, then they’d love to hear from you! Please email [email protected]


Digital Attitudes Survey

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust would like to hear the views of people in Surrey on the use of digital technology in healthcare. The survey results will enable the trust to design and shape new services.


Help improve the NHS 111 service for deaf and hard of hearing people

HELP IMPROVE THE ACCESSIBILITY OF NHS 111! The RNIC is working with NHSEI to explore how the NHS 111 service could be made better for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. RNID is supporting NHSEI to recruit volunteers to provide their feedback over an interactive online platform, where volunteers can discuss their needs and share their ideas for service improvements, including a project looking into SMS as a way to contact NHS 111.

Surrey's Independent Mental Health Network logo

Mental Health Support during COVID

Surrey's Independent Mental Health Network are carrying out a short survey regarding mental health crisis support during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Please click to complete the survey.


Transitioning from Children's Mental Health Services

The SCC User Voice and Participation team are working with emotional wellbeing and mental health services to gain an understanding of what it feels like for a young person transitioning out of the services they access. This transition could be out of children’s emotional wellbeing and mental health services completely or into another service. This short survey will help The User Voice and Participation Team to know what transition currently feels like for young people. We will also feed this information back to the appropriate services to ensure your voice is heard and hopefully bring about positive change to improve transition for other young people in Surrey. CLOSES 30 SEPTEMBER

Consultations running nationally

There are also consultations and opportunities that are national, on issues affecting carers...

Understanding resilience in carers

King's College London are looking for carers to take part in a study about carers' resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt to or ‘bounce back’ from difficulty. We know that carers can show resilience, living with long-term stress and adapting tochallenging circumstances. We also know that caregiving can impact carers’ own wellbeing. Can you help the study find out more about carer resilience and wellbeing, and the different ways of thinking that drive resilience. They hope to use what they find to create new ways to support carers. There's a prize draw for participation with the chance to win vouchers. APPLICATIONS CLOSE 29 OCTOBER.

University logos Newcastle and Northumbria

Changes to your support from paid care workers

Have you experienced changes to the number of paid care workers you receive at home, or had a review of your situation? Researchers at Newcastle University and Northumbria University would like to talk to carers/families who have had care at home where there has been a change to the number of paid care workers, or a review. They are interested in negative experiences as well as positive ones. A research will get in touch with, if you are interested in taking part. The research will be used to make recommendations on how such changes/reviews should be carried out.


Black carers' experiences of forced detention under the Mental Health Act

A study at UCL exploring the perspectives of Black carers who have experienced their loved one being compulsorily detained under the Mental Health Act (sometimes referred to as 'being sectioned') - reflecting also on the fact that Black people seem to be disproportionately detained. Research involves a confidential interview and two short questionnaires, with a £20 voucher for participation. Details on the attached poster (click image)

International opportunities

Stroke – support for carers research project

Funded by universities in Denmark and Australia, this study is looking at what would best support you as a carer of someone who has had a stroke – hoping to then develop strategies that researchers, medical professionals and engineers will then use to devise the best ways of supporting carers, and help them in their everyday life. Read about the study here, including an important patient information sheet. For queries email ([email protected]). For the survey, click the button below:

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