Getting a Blue Badge

Getting a Blue Badge

If mobility's an issue, a Blue Badge can make getting out and about so much easier

What is a Blue Badge?

If the person you care for, or you yourself, have difficulty walking, you may be eligible for a Blue Badge entitling you to easier parking. Action for Carers Surrey can help you apply.

Having a Blue Badge means you can park close to your destination and it can be used by the badge-holder in any car; it belongs to the person, not to a particular vehicle.

Who qualifies for a Blue Badge?

The most common reasons to qualify for a Blue Badge are physical, usually related to walking, breathlessness or loss of sight, but these have recently been expanded.

A Blue Badge now also covers a wider range of non-visible disabilities, such as dementia or some forms of autism.

It can be hard to work out which parts of someone’s condition are relevant, but we’re used to these forms, so contact us for help. Some people qualify automatically and others need to provide more details

How to apply

Blue Badges are issued by Surrey County Council and you can apply online or with a paper form. The Badge lasts for three years and costs £10. When it expires, it can be renewed.

Blue badge parking sign

To apply online, go to the SCC website.

There are paper copies available in some libraries

If you need help with forms, we’re here to support you! It can be hard to work out what’s relevant but our staff are very used to these forms, so get in touch.

Help with forms and other one-to-one support

Blue badge/disabled parking

This new map (still work in progress) aims to show people where all the relevant parking spaces are

Blue badge parking map

Register with us

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Other practical support

There are other ways we can help

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Moving and handling advice

Find out how our Moving and Handling team can help you with the physical side of looking after someone.

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Benefits and payments

Our advisors can help you find out what else might be available to you - and help with the paperwork.

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New to caring?

People sometimes only realise they are ‘a carer’ after many years. In other situations, people can become carers overnight. Talk to us about how we can help.

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