Young adult carers <br>(18-24)

Young adult carers

At Action for Carers Surrey we understand how difficult life can be for young adult carers. Our staff can offer support with things like education and employment decisions, as well as balancing your life with your caring role.

What is a young adult carer?

The ‘official’ definition of a young adult carer is someone aged between 18-24 who cares, unpaid, for someone who may be chronically ill, disabled, have a mental health condition or an addiction.

How we help young adult carers

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We have a friendly and supportive network of young carers, who meet up, socialise and find out more about what’s available to young adults.

We also…

  • can connect with colleges, universities and workplaces, speaking on behalf of our young adult carers
  • help you understand the funding and services that are available to families
  • arrange meet ups and trips so our YACs can get to know other people in similar situations

All our support and events are free but you do need to register with us (also free!).

What you need to know

In our ‘What you need to know‘ section, you’ll find a treasure trove of information about well, all the things you need to know! Packed with advice, information and contributions from other young adult carers, it covers topics including Housing, Returning to Learning, Higher Education, Working and Caring, Apprenticeships, and Health. Take a look!

What you need to know

Different caring situations

Everyone’s caring situation is different. You may be part of a community which means caring can bring additional challenges. You might look after a parent, brother, sister, partner or grandparent. Young adults often care for more than one person in the family, in different ways.

Some of the more common situations are:

Take a look at the pages above to find out about our particular support and information for carers looking after someone with these conditions.

Get in touch

To find out more about our support for you as a young adult carer, please get in touch.

Call us on 0303 040 1234, text (only) 07723 486730 or email [email protected]

More help for young adult carers

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Surrey Young Carers

Not quite 18? Find out more about Surrey Young Carers and how we can support you.

Can we help you?

Young Adult Carers have particular needs and challenges. We can offer you free information and support. Just get in touch and we'll come back to you as soon as we can!

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