Answers to some key questions you may have about Action for Carers Surrey.

Who is Action for Carers Surrey for?

We offer support, advice and information – as well as events opportunties – to all Surrey’s carers, aged from 5-95. Find out more here.

Does the person I care for have to know I’m in contact with you?

No, our service is confidential.

I’m not the main carer, can I still get help?

Of course. You are still supporting a loved one, and need help, information and advice. We can help. Find out more about our support here.

I don’t live in Surrey, can I still get help?

If you live outside Surrey, we can offer you general information and support by phone, but we would also signpost you to the relevant local carers’ organisation. You can find a list of them here.

I’m a professional working with carers. What can you offer me?

Quite a lot – take a look at our professional pages to find out more, including our free training for Surrey health, social care and education professionals.

I’m a professional and want to refer a child/adult carer to you. What to I do?

Find out more about referring carers here.

Who runs Action for Carers Surrey?

We are a charity, managed by a Board of Trustees, (all volunteers) and led by a Chief Executive, working with a Senior Management Team. Find out more about us here.

How is Action for Carers structured?

Take a look at our ACS Structure Chart.

How is Action for Carers Surrey funded?

We receive funding from Surrey County Council, which covers our core costs, mainly staff. However, we rely on the generosity of local supporters including individuals, trusts and foundations, community groups and corporate partners to help support and fund our events and activities. Read more about our fundraising here.

I’d like to get involved. What can I do?

We’ve lots of ways for people to get involved – from using your voice, to volunteering and fundraising. Find out more here. And don’t forget, you can sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on what’s happening.

How old is Action for Carers Surrey?

We’ve been around since 1992. Read up on our history here.



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