Direct Payments

Carer’s Assessment and Direct Payments

Carers may be able to receive Direct Payments to support them in their caring role following a Carer’s Assessment. This is a chance for you to talk about the care and support you provide and to find out if you’re eligible for support.

Direct Payments enable a carer to choose and plan their support in more flexible ways that fit with their life. The aim is to help you continue to care for as long as you are willing and able and to balance your own needs between caring and your life away from your caring role.

Direct Payments for carers work in the same way as those for people who use services. Most Direct Payments are made to meet regular ongoing needs. However they can also be made as a single payment, for example to take a short respite break.

Full information in Surrey Welfare Rights’ booklet Welfare Benefits for Carers in Surrey.

To find out more about Direct Payments, please get in touch:

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