Particular situations

Particular situations

Caring brings a lot of issues shared by all young carers - but there may be specific challenges if you're caring for someone with certain conditions, or if you're from a particular community or group.

All kinds of situations

As young carers, you have a lot of shared concerns, many of which we can help with.

But everyone’s caring situation is different. You may be part of a community which means caring can bring addtional challenges. And the condition of the person you’re caring for will affect your caring role to some extent. But we have help and support available.


Young carers look after people with a whole host of conditions and illnesses.

We have some information for young carers looking after someone with particular conditions, in the form of booklets. These were created in 2020 (during COVID), so contain some ideas around looking after yourself too. There are:

Caring for someone with Autism: Young Carer Booklet

Caring for someone with Physical Disabilities: Young Carer Booklet

Caring for someone with Mental Health issues: Young Carer Booklet

Caring for someone with Neurological Illness: Young Carer Booklet

We have further information on being a carer (young or adult) for someone in particular situations on the following pages:

Take a look at the pages above to find out about our particular support and information for carers looking after someone with these conditions.

I was given the opportunity to meet people who could understand what my life was like; not having friends, staying at home a lot, none of the other kids understanding why I was always worried about my mum. But now I have been able to form I hope life-long friendships with people that not only can understand me but allow me to understand them, and the kind of challenges they face each day.

Shared concerns

If you’re part of a particular community or group, you may have particular challenges or concerns as young carers.  As well as our general support, we have information specifically for the following:

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