Have your say - and make a difference

Have your say - and make a difference

As a young carer, you're an expert in caring. Your views and experiences can make a big difference - and you can do this by joining our Forum.

The Young Carers Forums are sessions where young people get together to discuss issues of importance to them as carers – often projects which lead to improvements benefiting all young people with caring roles.

It’s important to us as a carer-led charity that we enable young people to have their say. Carers are the experts in caring, and their experiences and opinions help shape what we do and the changes we want to make externally.Poster showing illustrations of young carers

Different groups

We have a Junior Forum for children 8-11 and a Senior Forum for young people aged 12 and upwards. We either meet in person, or via Zoom, and there’s usually around 10-15 young carers attending. When you become part of the Forum, we hope you can come along to lots of meet ups.


I think it’s a great idea because we can all get our ideas across. It’s good fun and we also have a good laugh.

Getting involved with the media

Forum members are also often asked share their voice more widely, speaking at events, on TV and radio, gaining new skills and making young carers’ situations real for professionals and the public.

Being on our Forum is a great opportunity to meet other young carers, take part in fun and social events – and make a difference!

What members say

Being in the forum is a good opportunity as you get to meet new people who later become great friends. In addition there are great opportunities like the magazine and website where you can make suggestions on how to help the service and other young carers.

At the forum I get to speak out for young carers in my area. It’s great to know that I am helping people a great deal and every so often get to participate in social activities which are good for team building skills etc. The sponsored walk we did was great fun.

SYC has helped me in many ways. Building my confidence through the Forums, and meeting up with other carers and having friends that are like me, helps me to cope with my caring role. Also I know I always have someone to lean on if I want to. It’s become like a second family.

Some changes we’ve made

  • We’ve lobbied MPs to have the Care Act changed
  • We’ve worked to make GPs understand how to support young carers
  • We led a campaign to get bus passes for young carers
  • We’ve designed leaflets and posters to help young carers get support
  • We’ve given talks to professionals
  • We’ve appeared on radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines
  • We’ve held conferences improving professionals understanding of young carers’ lives

Take a look of some of our achievements pictured below!

The Young Carer’s Poem

And take a listen to one of our creative projects, The Young Carer’s Poem, read by a young carer, but created as a group.



Like the sound of it? Want to get involved? Just get in touch! Email [email protected] or text 07723 486730.

Just some of the influencing achievements of young carers and the Junior, Senior and Young Adult Forums


Like the sound of it? Want to get involved? Just get in touch! Email Russ at [email protected].

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