Young carers in school

Young carers in school

School can help, if they know you’re a young carer.

With an estimated 14,000 young carers in Surrey, there’s probably at least two young carers in every class.

We know that looking after someone can keep you busy, and it can be hard to fit in school and friends, especially if you feel no-one else understands your situation as a young carer. To ensure our young carers receive the support they need, we work with schools across Surrey, providing advice, information and resources.

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If you’d like to find out more about how we help young carers, please call us on 01483 568 269, or email [email protected]

 If mum needs help and I have homework to do, the homework has to wait.

Lucy, young carer, Surrey

School can help – if they know you’re a young carer

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Although it can be good to get away from home and see your friends at school or college, you may find it hard to concentrate in lessons, to get your homework in on time, or find the time and space to revise for exams.

It’s important to let your school know you have caring responsibilities. The more teachers understand your situation, the more supportive they will be.

If you are having problems with schoolwork, or making plans for where you go next, we are here to help you – and your teachers – find a solution.

We work with schools to help them to support young carers in lots of ways, like setting up a young carers group and having a member of staff specifically responsible for young carers. Assemblies can help everyone in school understand what it means to be a young carer.

Don’t be shy – talk to us or to your school. You can be proud of your caring role.

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The Angel Award

We’re working with schools all over Surrey with our Angel Award scheme, which helps primary and secondary schools to be more young carer friendly.



We help young carers realise they are not alone and that school can help them.

Naima Hussain, SYC  

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Why young carers need extra support in school

  • 74%

    regularly find it difficult to do homework or coursework

    SYC survey 2019

  • 43%

    find it difficult to socialise with friends

    SYC survey 2019

  • 73%

    regularly worry about their own mental health

    SYC survey 2019

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