If you’re looking after someone else it can be very easy to let your own needs slip. But we know how important it is to look after your own health; we run lots of events to ensure you’re taking care of YOUR physical, mental and emotional health too.

Why your health and wellbeing is so important

We know that caring can take its toll on you. When you’re looking after someone else it’s very easy to put your own needs on a back burner. But it’s important not to let your own health and wellbeing slip – remember self-care is not selfish.

Here you can find info on taking care of yourself including:

We run a range of wellbeing events too, so have a look at our events page. Some are for exercise and relaxation, and others are simply to give you a break and some fun. Our events are offered both online (by Zoom) and in person. And don’t forget all of this support is free but you do need to register with us (also free!) to access it.



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Register with us

Register for free to get some advice and support on how to look after yourself in your caring role.

Register with us

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Our events

We run lots of wellbeing events. And many are on Zoom, so you can join in without leaving the house. Find out what's going on .

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