Fundraising with your community group

Fundraising with your community group

Are you a member of a community group? Does your group like to be involved in fundraising for charities?

Have fun and help us

There are many ways your community group or sports club can support us. You could organise a fundraising event like a quiz or tournament at an upcoming meeting. Or, if you’re the Club Captain or President, why not select Action For Carers Surrey as your Charity of the Year?

Whatever your group decides to do, we can support you with everything from ideas and advice to collection buckets and banners. We welcome every type of activity from a simple collection or a one-off cake sale to a big evening event. Just let us know what you’ve got planned.

We would also love to come and speak to your group or club, or meet you for a coffee to discuss how your support will help carers in Surrey. We are always keen to bring Action for Carers Surrey to a wide audience to reach both carers and supporters.

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an unforgettable day, full of fun, laughter and smiles. Harry Potter World was, no doubt, amazing and it wouldn’t have been possible without all you lovely staff, from the coach driver, the group leaders, to the organisers and funders. I cannot possibly express my gratitude. Sending you a huge great… big…

Young carer, Surrey

Find out about our work

We support carers of all ages throughout Surrey, with individual help specific to their situation, as well as fun ways to have some 'time out' from caring.

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Young carers

Take a look at how we help young carers aged 5-18.

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Young adults

We have a specialist team supporting young adults under 25. Take a look at how how we help at this key point in your life.


Adult carers

We support adult carers in every situation. Take a look at what we do.