Adult Carers

Adult Carers

Adult carers face many challenges, but we have a wide range of support, advice and help available, including specific information for particular types of carers.

Surrey’s Adult Carers

We’re here to help carers of all ages in Surrey, but the majority we support are of course adults. Adult carers will be caring for a huge variety of reasons – as parents, spouses, siblings and also as wider family and friends. You can be caring for someone all their life, or only just become, or indeed realise that you are a carer.

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Many conditions

Carers look after people with a whole host of conditions and illnesses. Some of the most common situations are

We have particular information for you on the above pages.

Shared concerns

Some groups of people share particular concerns and challenges as carers, because of the nature of their relationship, or their community or cultural backgrounds. As well as our general support, we have information specifically for the following:


Carer stories

Hear from some of the adult carers we support...

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