Register as a carer with your GP

Register as a carer with your GP

Does your GP know you’re a carer? Let your doctor's surgery know you are a carer, so they can help you.

If your surgery know you are a carer, they can help you.

It’s a great idea to register as a carer at your GPs. Ask at the surgery for GP Carer Registration form (from Surrey NHS), or you can download a copy here. There’s also a form for Young Carers.

Simply fill in the form and hand it to the receptionist, and you will be recorded as a carer on your notes.

GP Carer Registration Leaflet ADULT CARERS accessible version

GP Registration Leaflet ADULT CARERS

GP Registration Leaflet YOUNG CARERS

If your doctor knows you are a carer, she can ask you about any physical or mental health issues you may have because of caring. And the practice can try to be more flexible in terms of finding you appointments, etc.

In most Surrey surgeries, the doctor can also refer you for further support using the Surrey ‘Carer’s Prescription’ scheme.

If your doctor and surgery know you are a carer they can:

  • support you with any physical health issues related to your caring role, like tiredness
  • make you aware of the carer’s flu jab each year
  • talk to you about your mental health and the impact of your caring role
  • provide you with general information and advice
  • refer you to helpful organisations and services that can improve your caring situation
  • give you flexible appointments at times that suit you
  • refer you for a Carer’s Break payment (under the GP Carer’s Break Scheme) if your caring role is impacting your health, potentially meaning you can take a break.
Speak to your GP – they can help you in your caring role.

Find out how Action for Carers can help you with one-to-one support and advice


Looking after yourself

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Moving and handling

Find out more about how to limit the risk of the physical demands of being a carer, with expert advice from our Moving and Handling team.

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Your wellbeing

It’s so important to look after yourself. Looking after your health and emotions, and finding a little time just for you, can all help you in your caring role.


Hospital carer support advisors

Is the person you're caring for spending time in hospital? We have specialist ACS advisors in each of Surrey's major hospitals, so we can help you get the support you need.

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