Carers from the LGBTQ+ Community

Carers from the LGBTQ+ Community

If you are LGBTQ+ or care for someone who’s LGBTQ+ then you may feel you have some particular challenges as a carer. You may worry about discrimination or people not understanding your situation.

If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer you may feel you face additional challenges as a carer, both practical and emotional. You may face similar challenges if the person you care for is LGBTQ+.

Worries and concerns

You may feel that some services are ‘not for you’ or people might not understand your needs or what you’re going through. Sometimes people can even be put off seeking support because they worry about others’ reactions, or even discrimination.

However, there is support for you as a carer, whoever you are – and people cannot discriminate against you. You’ll find Action for Carers a fully welcoming place – and you can expect a warm welcome from our support groups, and other services too.

You can also find support as an LGBTQ+ carer on Carers UK’s forum.

Support in Surrey


Surrey charity Outline provides support to people related to their sexuality and gender identity, including the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans community of Surrey, primarily through its helpline, website and support groups. You can call them on 01483 727667 or contact them by email at [email protected].

Twister – LGBT and Youth Groups

Youth Workers from Surrey County Council run Twister. It’s a safe space where young people can meet to get support, make friends, and take part in fun, creative and awareness-raising activities. It is for young people age 13 to 19 and up to 25 if the young adult has special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).

Publications on LGBTQ+ caring

Here are some reports that highlight the challenges of being an LGBTQ+ carer, with some more information on what support is available:

The Experience of being an LGBTQ+ carer through COVID and beyond – Carers UK booklet

This booklet from Carers UK describes the experiences of a range of LGBTQ+ carers since the COVID lockdown and beyond. It revealed greater practical and emotional needs from this community.

The findings then led to a best practice briefing for statutory bodies, charities and other organisations supporting LGBTQ+ carers.

The Wales section of Carers UK website also has a useful section on LGBTQ+ carers needs and rights, most of which is applicable to the rest of the UK.

Young Adult LGBTQ+ Carers in Scotland – Carers Trust report

This report outlines the additional challenges faced by young adult LGBTQ+ carers in Scotland. Sadly they reported extremely high levels of bullying. 83% had personally experienced bullying in school, 40% in college and 27% at university. 88% reported to have, or to have had, mental health problems.

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