Booklets, Leaflets and Forms for Carers

Booklets, Leaflets and Forms for Carers

We have information booklets, leaflets and forms, for carers, to help them in their caring role. All free to download or order.

Booklets, leaflets and forms

Below please find a range of materials – booklets, leaflets and forms, for carers, all about caring matters.

Feel free to download, or print. We can also send you printed copies, please email CSAdmin@actionforcarers to request a copy of any of the items below. Each item has a code number, please use that in any correspondence.

We also have a range of marketing materials – leaflets and posters – reaching out to carers and promoting the work of Action for Carers. Find them here.

The materials are listed in sections, so please keep scrolling down to see the whole range currently available.


Booklets around particular aspects of caring

Carers' Hospital Guide

Hospital stays can be difficult for carers. Our Carers' Hospital Guide runs you through everything you need to know, do and think about, before, during and after your loved one is in hospital - plus information on your rights and further sources of help. (Code ACS0120)

Supporting someone at the end of life

A guide for carers who who's loved one is reaching the end of their life. Guidance on all you need to do and think about at this difficult time. (Code ACS0119)

The Carer's Checklist

A handy checklist-format booklet, covering your rights as a carer, and outlining all the support you are entitled to and should be getting. (Code ACS0106)


Former Carers

A guide for carers who were registered with us, but have sadly been bereaved. Information on coping and next steps. (Code ACS0102)

Carer's Assessment Guide

A preparation guide to your Carer's Assessment as a carer in Surrey. Outlines the process, and the information you'll need.

Forms and leaflets

Information leaflets, and forms for you to complete, to help you as a carer, or the person you support.


Carers Planning Form

As a carer, it's a good idea to have a plan in place, should anything happen to you and you are unable to care for a while. This guide outlines all the points you should consider and enables you to write everything down in one helpful form. (Code ACS0023)


All About Me

A form for you to complete for the person you care for, if they have a condition such as dementia, to help ensure hospital staff understand how best to support them (eg communication preferences). (Code ACS0118)


Caring During Ramadan

The Muslim holy period of Ramadan can be especially hard for carers. This leaflet outlines some guidance and tips to help. (Code ACS0078)

Moving and Handling leaflet being held

Moving and Handling Leaflet

A guide to our Moving and Handling service - details on how they can help you if you help someone move around (eg out of bed or into a car). The team can show techniques on how to do this safely, and how to use equipment correctly. (Code ACS 0011)

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