Who we help

Who we help

Anyone, of any age and any background can become a carer. We're here to help all Surrey's carers.

Action for Carers is here to support all Surrey’s carers.

Anyone can become a carer at any time. Carers come from all sorts of backgrounds. And can be any age – we support carers from 5 to 95.

The majority of people we support are adult carers – and we have a great deal of help available.

Our support for adult carers

Specialist support

Action for Carers also has specialist support for other carers.

If you’re a young carer (aged under 18), our Surrey Young Carers Team offers free information and support, plus workshops, activities and groups, to give you time out from caring and help you achieve as much as you can in life.

Our support for young carers

If you’re aged between 18-24, our Young Adult Carers Team can help you as you finish school, or college, start work, or think about leaving home.

Our support for young adult carers

We also have tailored support for people connected to the Armed Forces.

Our support for Armed Forces carers

Diverse communities

Surrey has a very diverse population. We have extra information for people from Surrey’s Black and Minority Ethnic Communities; Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities; and people who identify as LGBTQ+.

Carer Facts

Some facts about carers living in Surrey.

  • 115k

    Adult carers in Surrey

    Surrey i

  • 14k

    Carers aged under 18 in Surrey

    Surrey i

  • 17%

    of Surrey's carers are from a minority ethnic group

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Who we help

Elderly couple smiling

Adult Carers

We support adult carers all over Surrey with their caring roles.

Small group of boys outside

Young Carers

Our dedicated Surrey Young Carers team look after young carers helping them achieve have a break from caring and enjoy being kids.

Group of young adults outside

Young Adult Carers

We've got a team of experts ready to help younger adults (18-24) with a caring role.

Male soldier holding hands with woman pushing pram

Armed Forces Carers

We have specialist information and support available to anyone in Surrey who is caring for someone who is currently serving, a reservist or veteran, or an armed forces family member.