Specialist funds

Specialist funds

We're very grateful for donations to help support all our carers. Additionally, we have some specialist funds, dedicated to supporting certain groups of carers, with specific challenges. If you'd like to donate to these, we'd be very grateful.

Special funds – can you help?

At Action for Carers we’re grateful to be able to help all our carers, aged from 5-95.

We offer a wide range of services and support to many different types of carers, tailored to their individual needs and caring situations.

We also additionally have some special funds, raising money for particular areas of support.

Our special funds are:

Equipment Fund

home-disability-equipmentCarers often need specialised kit, or equipment, to help them move and support the person they care for. This should usually be provided by SCC/NHS, but sometimes that’s not possible. This fund is for those situations, to help ensure a carer can look after their own health (their back especially), and support their loved one.

Young Adult Carers Fund

Carers aged 18-24 often have a huge amount of responsibility, at a time when their own lives are under great pressure and change, and frequently live in low-income households. This can affect their ability to remain in education or get a job. This fund is supported by the Community Foundation for Surrey.  It can help with things like grants towards laptops, clothes for interview, or uni/college books.

Time for Me Fund

flowers in meadowA fund to allow our adult carers an opportunity to have a little time for themselves, to do something that will give them a little break from caring, like a day out, or money towards a hobby they can do at home.


Household Support Fund

apples in a storeSupported by Surrey County Council, this fund is to give grants to carers in food or fuel poverty – unfortunately a situation that’s increasingly common for Surrey’s carers.


Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about these funds, please email [email protected].

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