Fundraise with your school, college or university

Fundraise with your school, college or university

Your school, college or university can get involved in supporting local young carers in lots of ways

Fundraise at your school

Your school can get involved in supporting local young carers in lots of ways. How about having a dress-down day or holding a bake sale? Have a sponsored silence or get all of your pupils involved in a mass activity, like trampolining for a minute each.

Or get your students to dress as their favourite hero to help local unsung heroes for the day!

Action for Carers supports carers of all ages, across the county. Your school may be especially interested in our Surrey Young Carers team, who work to support children and young people under 18 supporting a family member. Young carers play a vital role in helping people who have an illness or disability, making an enormous contribution. They may do extra chores at home, support a brother or sister with a disability, or be an emotional support for a parent. They can be ‘unsung heroes’ because their role is often poorly understood.

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What ever you decide to do, we would love to hear from you and support you during your fundraising.

We can offer lots of ideas, advice and fundraising props such as buckets, balloons or banners. We are also very happy to come to your school to do an assembly.

Please get in touch today [email protected]

We can help you support young carers at your school

We estimate that there are at least two young carers in every class across all Surrey schools. Find out how we can help you support young carers at your school here: Schools and colleges

Fundraise at your college or university

woman laughing with green laptop, man smilingWhether as an individual student or part of a ‘rag’ or other society, there are lots of ways to get involved – from a jail break to an entrepreneurial business challenge. By fundraising, you won’t just be helping improve the health and wellbeing of local carers, you’ll also be improving your skills – and having fun.



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We work to support carers aged 18-24, with our specialist Young Adult Carers team. Find out more here: Schools and colleges

Find out about our support for carers under 18 and 18-24

Our specialist teams support young people all over Surrey

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Young Carers

Our dedicated Surrey Young Carers team support children under 18 with workshops, forums and time-out activities, helping them have a break from caring and enjoy just being kids.

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Young Adult Carers

Our team supports 18-24 year old carers with information, events, and social activities.

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