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Our events and support groups are by video with Zoom at the moment, and if you haven't used Zoom before, it's easy with our simple instructions. You'll find details of all our events below - we'd love to see you at one!

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Dementia support session

Are you supporting someone with dementia? Join us to talk to a dementia navigator from the Alzheimer's Society and find out some helpful strategies.

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Mental health carer support group

Supporting someone with mental health problems can be challlenging and exhausting. Join ACS for a chance to talk to our experienced staff, meet other carers and look at what support is available.

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Photography club

Join our new monthly photography club - whether you're an expert or a casual snapper.

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Six steps to wellbeing workshop 

This workshop, provided for Action for Carers by the Mary Frances Trust, will give you an insight into various ways in which we can all look after our own mental health, and others around you. Find out about the six steps to wellbeing.

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Scavenger hunt

Join us for a fun break from routine with a scavenger hunt in your own home!

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Anxiety and loss

As a carer, anxiety can be a problem, as well as a sense of loss, made worse as you see your caring responsibilities coming to an end. Join us to get specialist support.

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Take some time for yourself. Join us for a mindfulness session where we will practise techniques to promote wellbeing and reduce stress.

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Emotional Freedom Technique - find out about tap therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternative therapy for anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and many other conditions. Join us to find out about how this calming technique might help you.

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'NAAFI break': tea, chat and support

Join our Armed Forces Carers Support Co-ordinator with a brew and a biscuit for a chat and a question and answer session. This is a special event for any carers who are serving, reservist, veterans and family members.

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Eating disorders support group

Are you supporting someone with an eating disorder? Join our specialist support group, to talk to other carers in a similar position, explore ideas to support recovery, and have a chance to look after your own needs.

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New to Action for Carers?

Welcome! Whether you've just signed up or been on our books for a while, join us to find out more about the range of support we offer carers of all ages - practical, emotional and financial.

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