Hospital Carer Advisors

Hospital Carer Advisors

Having the person you care for in hospital can be a difficult and stressful experience. But we have Hospital Advisors at Surrey’s five main hospitals to help you.

Support when the person you care for is in hospital

Having the person you care for in hospital can be a difficult and stressful experience. But we have Hospital Carer Support Advisors at Surrey’s five main hospitals to help you.

We have staff at East Surrey, Epsom, the Royal Surrey and St Peter’s.
Their role is to identify carers and to support them while their loved ones are in hospital. Whether you’re looking after someone who’s staying in hospital or just coming in for outpatient appointments, our advisors can help you. Sometimes, a new diagnosis or a development can mean you are going to need more help as a carer, so make sure you get the support you need.

You can contact our Advisors on their direct numbers below. And don’t forget you can call our Carer Helpline too for advice, support and information – 0303 040 1234 (text on 07714 075993).

Being with someone in hospital

Each hospital has its own system (often called a ‘carer’s passport’) for carers supporting someone who’s in or attending the hospital and our Hospital Carer Advisors can help you through the process.

Other hospitals

If you’re supporting someone who’s in or attending hospital outside Surrey, such as St George’s, the Royal Marsden, Moorfields, or Great Ormond Street, and are registered with us, our official NHS Carer Identification Letter would also be useful in confirming your role as a carer.  This can help you access the hospital’s carer services, and perhaps accompany your loved one if they need extra help. It’s easy (and free) to register with us here – and we can help you in other ways too.

How our Hospital Carer Support Advisors help carers

They work closely with hospital staff to identify carers, and can approach them directly. Often they bridge communication gaps between the carer and the hospital, and offer advice, information, as well as emotional support. Importantly, they can speak on your behalf, including at some meetings. They also signpost carers and their loved ones to support from other organisations.

Every hospital works slightly differently, but our Hospital Carer Support Advisors know each hospital well, so they can guide you through the system and make sure you access all the help available.

They can also help with the discharge process, which can be especially challenging for carers, as well as put them in touch with ACS’s Carer Support Advisors, back in the community. We can also refer on to our Moving and Handling team, if you need to give more physical help to the person you care for, following their hospital stay.

Hospital Discharge Guide

The discharge from hospital process can be particularly challenging for carers. Our Advisors can support you, but you can also read about how the system should work, your rights, the law, and best practice in our booklet, the Hospital Discharge Guide. Call us to request a printed copy, or download it below:

Hospital Discharge Guide

Find out about getting support from our Hospital Advisors by calling us on 0303 040 1234.

Our hospital carer support advisors

Royal Surrey County Hospital
Naheeda Majid: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
07850 515457
[email protected] (or [email protected])



Seema Kang: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
07850 515458
[email protected] (or [email protected])
Read more about Naheeda’s and Seema’s work at the Royal Surrey County Hospital here

Epsom Hospital
Michele Moore: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
07736 561978
[email protected]
Michele mainly works with the ‘@Home Team’ bringing hospital services to the patient’s own home.
Read more about Michele’s work at Epsom Hospital here

East Surrey Hospital
Postion currently vaccant

St Peter’s Hospital:
Sam Caine Monday – Thursday
Read more about Sam’s work at St Peter’s here.
07989 402764 [email protected]
Tamzin Ede – Fridays (and also Hospital Team Lead)
07736 561976 [email protected]


Health beyond hospital

cup and teapot

Your wellbeing

It’s so important to look after yourself. Looking after your health and emotions, and finding a little time just for you, can all help you in your caring role.

wheelchair next to car

Moving and Handling

Do you have to help the person you're looking after physically? For example getting someone in and out of bed, or a chair? Our specialist staff can show you how to do this safely - for you and for the person you care for