Sandwich carers

Sandwich carers

A lot of carers find themselves looking after frail and disabled elderly relatives as well as their own children. This group is called ‘sandwich carers’ and there are lot of them. We’ve some suggestions to help this extra pressurised group.

Partly because we are living longer, and people have their children later, there are a lot of people trying to look after frail and disabled elderly relatives, often their parents, at the same time as looking after dependent children. Often women, who are still trying to work too, these carers can feel exhausted and over-stretched. 1.3 million Brits are sandwich carers, but many don’t see themselves as carers, they’re simply looking after family.

An Office of National Statistics (ONS) 2019 report said that “more than a quarter of these carers are suffering from depression or stress”.

The report warned that these carers were in particular danger of being worn down emotionally, physically and financially. They risk being very isolated, constantly under money pressures, and the stress of trying to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities.

Support from ACS

We can talk to you about your caring situation and suggest ways to help, let you know about ACS events and support groups, as well as signpost you on to further sources of help, from the council, NHS and other charities and community groups.

Support groups

We have support groups running regularly across Surrey,40+ each month. These are a chance to talk to others who understand, and share tips and advice. They are very relaxed, informal get-togethers – held at places like local cafes or garden centres. Find out about our support groups here.

Online forum

Time is precious, so if you can’t get to a group, you might like to chat to others in a similar situation in an online forum or community, like Carers UK’s. Search for the term “sandwich carers” and you’ll find others like you, sharing advice, tips and support.


Action for Carers run a variety of events, such as Information days or workshops, usually with guest speakers. Topics cover things like your rights, money matters, and ways to look after yourself. We also have some social activities. You can take a look at all our upcoming events here.

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