Specialist support

Specialist support

We recognise the challenges facing Young Adult Carers today. If you are aged 18-24 and are looking after someone, we've got some specialist support available to you...

Why do YACs need specialist support?

As a young adult carer you might be juggling caring with further education or starting your career. It can be stressful to ask for time off when you’re starting out. Finding the confidence to ask about an organisation’s leave policy or a college’s housing system would challenge most 18 year olds.

Added to this, social care entitlements change radically when someone turns 18 and this can be a minefield to navigate.

So that’s why we have a team of extremely experienced people to work with carers aged 18-24 and help you take those steps into adulthood.

You’re not alone

What you need to know...

From housing to education, employment to benefits, we can help you gain the independence you need in your caring role.

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If you're looking to find your own space, we've got all the options on housing here...

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Returning to learning

Thinking about going back to learning, here's the info you need to help you on your way...

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Your rights

As a carer (regardless of your age) you have certain rights that are protected in law.

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Higher Education

Find out about what's out there from courses to financial support, it's all here!

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Apprenticeships and caring

If you'd like some on-the-job experience while you learn then an apprenticeship might be the right route for you...

Want to get some help with your caring role?

Join our network of young adult carers for one-to-one support, social events, help with forms, benefits and much, much more...

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