Superstar fundraiser Jule nears end of incredible 100 Hat Challenge

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Hats off to you Jule!

Our incredible fundraiser Jule has completed swim 95 of her 100 Hats Swim Challenge.

Over the last year she has completed her challenging outdoor swims, in all weathers, wearing a different and spectacular hat each time, usually created by herself.

She’s doing these swims to raise awareness and funds for our charity, Action for Carers, focused on our young carers (she has met many young carers while working in a school), and also for Alzheimer’s Research, as her father had the condition.

Her hats have been amazing, works of art in themselves, and also quite a challenge often to swim with, because of their bulk or weight, but make quite a spectacle out on the water!

Can you help her over the final stretch?

She has been fundraising hard, and we’d love it if people could help her in this final stretch, and donate to her JustGivingPage.

  • If you’d like to support her, and young carers, click here
  • If you’d like to support her, and dementia research, click here

You can see all of Jule’s swims and fabulous hats on her Instagram page.

Thank you!

A huge thank you from us at Action for Carers Surrey for all you’ve done Jule.

It’s been constant, hard and challenging, but you’ve brought a smile to many, and the funds raised will really make a big difference. Thank you!

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