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Help for Parent Carers of disabled children under 18 years

Dad_with_disabled_son.jpgParent carers of children under 18 have similar rights to other carers but the way that some services are offered to them is different. They can apply for Carers Allowance or a GP Carers Break payment in the same way as the carers of adults. They can also access any of our services or contact their local carers support schemes ( some of whom have specialist carers support workers for parent carers). However there are a couple of significant differences concerning Carers Assessment for Parent Carers and Parent Carer Break Grants, which are explained on the following pages.

* If you live in the Reigate/Redhill area, Reigate and Redhill YMCA runs Face2Face - a volunteer-led group of parents and carers who have a child with a disability, who offer friendship and support to other parents in a similar position. Find out more from