Safe ways to pay others to shop on your behalf

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When others shop for you

As we are now in lockdown again, you may be unwilling or unadvised to go to the shops. You may be happy shopping on line, but you may also look to get help from a family member, neighbour, friend or other volunteer.

Keep your money protected

If you do, there are ways to do this safely and ensure your money is protected.

Money Saving Expert have an excellent page which outlines the various ways you can protect your money. Most important is NEVER to hand over your debit or credit card and PIN to someone else. Instead they suggest other methods, such as online bank transfer, PayPal, or the supermarket volunteer card.

They also talk about special bank cards (see below).

Read Money Saving Expert’s Guide

Special bank cards

Some of the banks have set up special bank cards, providing another, very safe method.

Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland all have cards called ‘Trusted Person Cards’. And NatWest, and Royal Bank of Scotland have a ‘Companion Card’.

Both cards offer a similar service – they are cards to your account,  but have a different number on the front, a different PIN, and a 5-7 day limit of £100. They also can’t be used to buy over the phone, online, or abroad.

Santander has a similar scheme – open to two named carers, relatives or friends.

The person you ask to shop for you can use the card as normal, in supermarkets etc. Allowing you to feel more in control and reassured around others shopping for you. If you bank with one of the above, just get in touch to find out more.

Other banks

Nationwide and Barclays do not have anything such product yet. HSBC says it hopes to launch something similar this year.

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