Millie's blog - Autumn

Millie's blog - Autumn


Life has been very busy at the moment, I’m now in Year 9.Lots of revision, assessments and preparation for choosing my options. One of my passion is singing, I am fortunate enough to be able to include it in my options; singing and music is something I use to escape my role as a young carer. I am lucky enough to have support from my music department; they don’t make a big deal that I’m a carer but rather understand that I use the subject to destress. Some of the young carers I have spoken to use other hobbies and interests to defocus from their everyday routine.

Singing, art, reading and even just watching funny videos on YouTube I find are all my bit of me time. Its ok to have me time and I enjoy the socialization that it can also bring.

Autumn can be a dark and isolating time; it can affect your mood, especially after such a beautiful summer. Some sports like Hockey, Cross Country Running and Rugby are often played predominantly during this period. Exercise can improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed; even if its just going for an autumn walk. Autumn also brings Halloween, Diwali and Bonfire Night; all things that can bring us together as families where possible and used to bring some light into the dark days.

Stay positive, embrace what you have around you and remember, there is more support then you probably realise.

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