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Austin is 10 and helps look after his mum who has arthritis, and his sister who has a disability.

I’ve been a carer since I was 7. Mum has back problems and can’t walk very far, and my sister has a growing disability.

Sometimes Mum asks me to pick up something she’s dropped as she can’t bend down. My sister can’t reach up high, so I’ll get things for her. When we go on long trips, I have to push my sister’s wheelchair. My mum is developing arthritis and if I’m upstairs, sometimes I can be called to go all the way downstairs to pick up something she’s dropped!

Help disabled people as it can be really important, but if you’re an overworked young carer, join Surrey Young Carers and let off steam.

It’s definitely helped to get away from my caring role and see my friends. It’s really fun!

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