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Because Carers Count

Would you like to know more about carers and gain a better understanding of the difficulties they face?

The Because Carers Count course, run by Action for Carers, is a multi-agency course that provides a thought-provoking insight into the difficulties carers face in looking after a family member or friend. 

The course offers:

  • insight into carers’ need for equality of opportunity and support
  • latest facts and figures about carers and the impact of caring
  • first-hand accounts from carers about the difficulties they face and how they would like to be supported
  • an understanding of how to establish effective relationships with carers and an appreciation of their viewpoint
  • details of the services available for carers in Surrey

Each  session is facilitated by a trainer who has worked extensively with carers, alongside two carers who will bring their own perspective to the day.

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