Carers Trusts asks for more for carers in Spring Budget

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Carers Trusts asks for more for carers in Spring Budget

The Chancellor has announced that the Spring Budget will take place on Wednesday 6 March 2024. 

National carers charity, Carers Trust, submitted a representation to the Spring Budget, asking for more help for carers.

They set out the need for a long term and sustainable funding solution to the social care funding crisis – including support for local carer organisations.

Carers Trust also set out the need to renew funding for the Household Support Fund, reform Carer’s Allowance, and better support carers to get into and stay in work.

For young carers, they argued for better support within schools to help young carers fulfil their potential.

More carers in poverty

This comes as Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s recently published UK Poverty 2024 report, which looks at levels of poverty across different groups and regions, revealed several concerning findings on carers financial situations.

These included that:

  • 28% of carers are living in poverty compared to 20% of those with no caring responsibilities. 11% of carers are in deep poverty.
  • The poverty gap between carers and those with no caring responsibilities has widened and remains bigger than it was before the pandemic.
  • The poverty rate for those in receipt of Carers Allowance is 34%.

Rowntree Poverty Report 24

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