Carer Poverty Coalition Manifesto

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Along with 130 other members of the Carer Poverty Coalition, we have launched a joint manifesto calling on all political parties to commit to taking action to end poverty amongst unpaid carers, ahead of an upcoming General Election.

Formed in February 2023 and led by Carers UK, the Carer Poverty Coalition works to advocate for policy change that adequately values, recognises and supports unpaid carers. Carers are particularly vulnerable to poverty due to the additional costs they face, and the difficulty of balancing paid work and care.

Last year, over a third (34%) of carers were cutting back on essentials such as food or heating, while the rate of poverty for carers in receipt of Carer’s Allowance more than doubled in the decade from 2010/11 to 2020/21.

Stop poverty before it starts

The manifesto sets out key policy recommendations for a future Government to ensure carers facing financial hardship receive the support they need, and there are comprehensive plans in place to prevent carers falling into poverty to begin with.

We have called on all political parties to commission a full review into Carer’s Allowance and other means tested benefits for carers, which must include raising the level of financial support and increasing the earnings limit.

To help carers at all stages of their caring journey, we are recommending scrapping the 21-hour study rule to ensure carers can study alongside caring, and that extra payments be given to those over state pension age who are no longer eligible for Carer’s Allowance.

We are also calling for carers to receive more support in managing paid work alongside their caring responsibilities through a support programme for those wishing to return to work and the removal of barriers to employment.

To find out more, and read the manifesto in full, click here.

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