Young Carers Awareness Day 2020 - Count Me In!

Young Carers Awareness Day 2020 - Count Me In!

30th January marks Young Carers Awareness Day aiming to raise awareness of the challenges young carers face and to support them achieve their potential in education.

What is Young Carers Awareness Day?

Young Carers Awareness Day is an annual event which aims to raise awareness of the thousands of young people in the UK who help look after someone who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.

Count Me In!

This year Young Carers Awareness Day is focussing on the support which young carers need to fulfill their potential in education. Under the Count Me In! campaign Carers Trust are calling on government and education providers to recognise young carers as a vulnerable group of learners and asking local authorities to deliver on their responsibilities to young carers and their families. Too often young carers are not counted by local authorities, meaning they miss out on valuable assessments and support.

What we’re up to on the day

In preparation to support the ‘Count Me In’ campaign, we hosted an event in October 2109, to enable practitioners to hear directly from young carers and young adult carers about what matters to them.

We have captured the outputs from the event in a poster and will be refreshing the 3 year strategic priorities by calling practitioners to action via the Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Strategy Group. If you would like further information about the strategy for young carers and young adult carers in Surrey, please contact us directly on

How being a young carer can affect school and college life

Young carers will have many more responsibilities than most young people… These can include things like helping someone get up and dressed, looking after siblings, managing the family budget, and helping out around the house much more than other children.

Caring can have a big impact on learning…

  • young carers can often find it hard to finish homework or study at home
  • they can often be late to school or miss school altogether
  • they can struggle to concentrate in class because they are tired or worrying about the person they look after.

How we help

We’ve got loads going on to support young carers! We run support groups, drop in sessions and events. We offer advice and can arrange tailored support for young carers who need it. We’ve also pioneered the Angel Award scheme which recognises schools in Surrey who go the extra mile to support young carers in their student body.

We have resources for schools to help them talk about young carers and a super team of education advisors who are on hand to help schools and colleges give their young carers the best support they can.

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