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Leanda Hargreaves


Leanda Hargreaves is a carer for her son who is now in his 40s and has therefore been a carer for most of her adult life.

She has a wealth of experience on the barriers and issues that carers have to face and in particular knowledge of mental health services.

Leanda is a Carer and Families Governor, for Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust (SABP); a member of the Surrey and Borders Carers Action Group and attends the SABP Acute Care Forum.

Leanda has a degree in Education and taught at the University of Surrey for 10 years. Where possible she attends as many other carer related meetings and conferences as time will allow.

Leanda has found Action for Carers a great resource and help to her as a carer and is pleased to have the opportunity to further her wish to ease carers’ lives by being a trustee.

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