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Charlotte Eustace

Moving and Handling Manager (Acting)

Having worked in medical device sales, specialising in hoists, slings and patient handling which included being a qualified moving and handling trainer, I decided to focus on the area of my work that I loved the most – working with the clients. I joined Action for Carers in 2017 as a Moving and Handling Advisor and really enjoy working with the carers and my colleagues.

Our team is committed to keeping carers as safe as possible whilst they undertake their caring role.  By giving training on safe techniques that they can use, and practical guidance on equipment they have or looking for appropriate equipment, we support carers to be mindful of their own health. The team has a wide range of specialist skills and a huge breadth of knowledge to draw upon, which is invaluable in the increasingly complex cases that we are involved with. It is wonderful to be part of such a highly regarded team.

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