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Enabling carers to have a voice and realise a life outside caring

Working with young adult carers aged 16 – 24 years

SYCPicG.jpgMany young people under 25 look after family members at a time when their own adult lives are just beginning. This puts added pressure onto young people, who may be juggling work or studies with their caring role. It can result in poor concentration, lateness and problems with attendance. Many carers don’t confide in their tutors or employers about their caring role for fear of discrimination or of being viewed as different. Other young adult carers find that their caring role has a limiting effect on their life choices and that being a full time carer is all that they can manage.

If you work with young adults under 18 years and would like to know more about what support is available, contact Surrey Young Carers on 01483 568269 or email

For over 18s contact the Action for Carers enquiry desk on 01483 302748 or email

If you work with 16 - 24 yr olds, see our new interactive resource Who cares about you? which offers carers in this age group essential information on a range of issues affecting them. If you require pocket-sized printed copies, please call 01483 565874.