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Following on from Because Carers Count, this one-day training course offers practitioners an in-depth look at the carers' assessment process.

Context:  The Care Act 2014 will become the main plank of social care legislation as from April 2015 and will strengthen the way in which carers are supported within communities across the health and social care sector.  This workshop will explore how the Act and accompanying guidance will make carer’s legal rights stronger and how the Children & Families Act 2014 addresses our legal responsibilities towards young carers and parent carers.  It will examine your role in ensuring those legal rights are upheld and how you can take a more ‘whole family’ approach so as to prevent carer breakdown and ensure a stable environment for the cared for adult or child.  

This workshop provides staff with the opportunity to build on their basic understanding of carer issues.  Ideally those attending should have either attended the Because Carers Count Programme   (  and/or have completed the e-learning “Carer Aware” Course (

Appropriate for:  Practitioners from across the statutory, independent and voluntary sector who have contact with carers and the wider family in their health and social care practice.

Max No:     16

Aim:  Facilitated by both Carer and trainer, this full day workshop will help staff from across the health and social care sector to consider together their role and responsibilities in supporting carers and the whole family.

Learning Outcomes:-

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

•    Develop a greater understanding of your own role and those from partner organisations in supporting carers and the whole family
•    Recognise the importance of taking a ‘whole family’ approach to supporting both carers and the cared for person
•    Effectively identify carers and young carers and recognise the importance of taking appropriate action to support the carer within the parameters of their own role and organisation
•    Describe the changes in legal rights of carers and young carers that will be made by the Care Act 2014 and Children & Families Act 2014
•    Enable adult and young carers, to access appropriate carer support, including early intervention and prevention services.

There is no charge for these workshops.  Refreshments including lunch will be provided.  

If you wish to apply for a place on this training please complete the application form below OR download this booking form and return to:

E mail:
Hasu Ramji
c/o Action for Carers (Surrey)
Mellbreak, Tydcombe Road, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9LU

Tel :  01883 626264



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