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Enabling carers to have a voice and realise a life outside caring


Male_teacher.jpgLife at school or college provides challenges for all young people, but for those who have a caring role at home there are often additional problems that arise in their education. Commonly there are issues with attendance, behaviour, achievement and home-school communication...

Our Surrey Young Carers Service Education Advisors are on hand to assist education settings in supporting these students. Their service is free, and includes:

  • Consultations to advise and assist staff
  • Briefings with INSET days and staff meetings
  • Developing the means to identify and support young carers
  • Assembly talks to students
  • Listening support, information and advocacy for students
  • PSHE resources for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4

By raising awareness in this way, education professionals are better able to address the issues affecting young carers and establish appropriate support.

If you are currently working with a young carer and feel that they would benefit from the support offered by Surrey Young Carers, download our referral form.

Read more about our Safeguarding Children procedures.

Download - Supporting Young Carers in School - a manual for school leaders, teachers and support staff.

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To refer a child to our service, please download the form below and email to us at