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Enabling carers to have a voice and realise a life outside caring

Why Identify Carers?

Carers are a valuable resource in the community, saving the NHS £119 billion per year.

One of the biggest challenges is identifying hidden carers. Many don’t see themselves as carers and are unaware that they can get help and support. Frequently their caring role starts because of a trauma or emergency which then leads into a long term responsibility. Often juggling their caring role with work and other family commitments, carers can soon become overwhelmed and stressed. They typically neglect their own health and well-being if not supported, which can create a further burden on your surgery.

When carers are identified early and properly supported, they are better able to continue in their caring roles. It makes sense for carers to be registered with their GPs, so that they can access all the services they need.

Our Carer Support Service aims to increase awareness among GPs and primary care service providers of carers’ needs and health concerns. This is to ensure that carers at high risk from health-related problems can be treated before their health deteriorates and that appropriate referrals are made to social care services, with signposting to other forms of help, including the GP Carer Breaks Scheme.

It is also the role of our advisors to:

  • Keep your surgery informed and up to date on carers rights and issues
  • Support your surgery in developing greater awareness of how best to respond to your patients who are carers and to offer advice on carer-friendly services
  • Work alongside and be a resource for other health professionals