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People Like Us

68% of young carers are bullied in school – and miss an average of 48 school days because of their caring role. ‘People Like Us’ is a new resource launched nationally as part of Carers Week which aims to help support these children.

People Like Us is a schools resource which explains what a young carer is and what their life is like. It helps teachers and other professionals to identify young carers, and young carers to self-identify, as well as explaining the best ways to help and support young carers.

‘Things have improved for me lately because one of the teachers has taken an interest and asked me how things were at home. I felt better once I told him, and I know he understands and will speak up for me if I get into trouble with homework or am late.’ Matthew, aged 14
‘People Like Us’ can be used in PSHE sessions and assemblies, along with supporting materials, enabling schools to better support and identify young carers – and educate other pupils on young carers’ needs too.

Ordering People Like Us

To order a copy of People Like Us for your school with or without the educational resource materials, please download and return the form below.

There is a charge for the resource, but it is free to schools, statutory bodies, and charities based in Surrey.

People Like Us Order Form

More Information

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