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Summer support for young carers

The holidays can be challenging times for those with caring responsibilities. More people at home can mean extra demands on time and money.

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For young carers the summer holidays can enhance that feeling of being different from peers. Many will not get to experience a holiday away from home and research published by Action for Children and Carers Trust last week shows that more than half of young carers worry about talking about what they did in the summer break when they go back to school.

The statistics are heart-breaking… nearly three quarters of young carers feel isolated over the summer and 68% report that they feel more stressed or worried during the holidays with 47% spending four hours or more a day looking after a relative. The summer holidays are supposed to be a time of relaxation, play, and a chance to recharge batteries. But many young carers miss out on the benefits of a long summer break.

Here at Action for Carers Surrey, we have found that there is an increase in the number of young carers referred to Surrey Young Carers over the summer, many of them referring themselves. Once they come to us though, we can really help to make the summer holiday something they can look forward to.

Our experienced young carer support co-ordinators get to know the young carer and deliver targeted support, geared around the young carer’s specific needs. This can include one-to-one chats, days out with other young carers, and support groups which give young carers the chance to make friends with other young people in a similar situation.

If you or someone you know is a young carer who would benefit from our services, then please do get in touch.

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