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SCC Update on the future of six Surrey care homes

From Surrey County Council:

The council's decision-making cabinet agreed on 10 March 2015 to close residential care at the six older people's care homes owned and operated by the council.

This followed a thorough review of the homes and a three-month consultation on four options for their future to see if there were any viable options that had not been considered. The homes in question are Brockhurst, Cobgates, Dormers, Longfield, Park Hall and Pinehurst.

The council's preferred option was to support residents to move, and close the homes. This is what the Cabinet agreed. Although many residents were opposed to closure no viable options were put forward that addressed the inadequacies of the building, which prevent their providing the best quality care environment for residents in the future.

The council is committed to providing the necessary support to people as they make plans in response to the closures.

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